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1-1 Swim Coaching

A course of private 1-1 swimming lessons from NL Wellness will give you the perfect environment for developing your swimming as efficiently and quickly as possible.

If you wish you’re swimming to progress quickly, with coaches that thoroughly understand biomechanics, energy systems and swimming programming then look no further.

1-1 swim coaching enables every single stroke to be seen and analysed ensuring that you are practising correct technique as often as is possible. This attention of detail allows for amazing progression of your swimming and a huge saving of time, energy and frustration that many that ‘go it alone’ experience.

We’ve had those with phobias go on to compete at regional level, had 1st time triathletes go on to go Iron man competitions, and we’ve had complete beginners progress to become keen pool and open water swimmers. The close, professional attention you get from our swim coaches will ensure that you develop the best technique from the start and that any bad habits are identified and corrected.

Being Sports Scientists we know how your body works and swimming is our preferred way of getting in fantastic shape. If you have been injured it is perfect for rehabilitation, for example if you can’t run or do your normal physical activity swimming would be an excellent substitute. Some of our clients have even become fitter than they were before their injury!

There is no better way to staying fit when injured than swimming and 1-1 swim sessions will allow you to massively improve your fitness and swim technique whilst feeling safe and getting the absolute best out of yourself.

2-2-1 Swim Coaching

2-2-1 swimming lessons from NL Wellness will not disappoint. These lessons allow you close support and guidance from our very experienced swimming Coaches and they will enable you to develop your technique much more quickly than any normal swim lessons. The increased social support from your fellow swimmer will also serve to help motivate you. It is great to swim with a friend so you can encourage each other. Try a 2-2-1 swimming lesson course with us to get results that will leave you delighted.

Whilst every individual stroke may not be seen our coaches will still be able to easily identify what needs to be improved, what is being done well and what is the next factor in your stroke to be focused on. Combined with fantastic value for money 2-2-1 swimming coaching is a fantastic option for those that want great swimming coaching but want to share the lesson with a friend or another.

Triathlon Performance Course

This is a perfect opportunity as a triathlete to develop the correct fitness parameters alongside solid pool & open water technique, sighting, race strategy and sports nutrition to improve your swimming and overall triathlon performance.

Swimming is widely known as the weakest discipline for most triathletes, from those doing sprint distance to Ironman competitors. Our swimming coaching course in Exeter will soon have your ability on par with or better than the others.

If you’re looking to start your first triathlon or are trying a new distance then this course will very quickly get you the results you want in the pool and will prepare you for the challenge ahead.

Maybe you are sick of training in a crowded pool? - if so then share a private lane with up to 5 like-minded dedicated athletes and save yourself hours in ineffective training and develop the exact techniques you need to increase your speed and reduce fatigue, thus saving more in the tank for later!

Just ask some of our triathletes, they have managed to go sub XXX hours in their respective Iron Man Triathlons.

Over and Underwater Video Analysis Sessions

Video analyses both over and underwater are available for those looking to quickly identify and correct their technique and improve their performance or to see where they’re going wrong.

Actually seeing your technique under the water is a rare and valuable tool to progress your swimming instantly. A video analysis session includes a coaching session where you get filmed and a separate analysis session. You also get a copy of the footage to look at afterwards at your leisure.

Underwater Swimming Coaching is a crucial addition to any swimmer or triathlete eager to improve. It will save countless hours trying to see where you’re going wrong and will pinpoint exactly what needs to be improved to have you swimming much more efficiently and much faster.

Open Water Sessions

Open Water swimming coaching is available during the summer with NL Wellness. We can help you, whether you wish to compete in Open water swimming, help train to become a Beach Lifeguard or simply wish to start the amazing adventure of open water swimming.

Having worked for years with the world’s original and extremely successful Open Water Swimming Holiday Company: SwimTrek, we have a lot of experience of coaching in the open water. Over 100’s of people have benefited from our open water swimming coaching. We are well equipped to ensure your safety. For information on their trips visit their website: www.swimtrek.com.

Additionally we have coached 100’s of Triathletes of all abilities, ranging from those starting their first triathlon to those of international standard, many of whom have completed Ironman distance Triathlons with fantastic times. It is not uncommon for us to help clients shave 10-30 mins off their Ironman 2.4 mile swim times. Even those doing shorter distance triathlons have seen massive improvements.

Many swimmers that come to us are already proficient and very fit. The high quality swimming teaching we provide will enable you to progress rapidly and effectively and allow you to enjoy the totally different experience of open water swimming.

Most of our swimmers find they have exceeded their expectations and that they now feel at home in an environment where they used to feel threatened. Something they felt was a challenge is now much more enjoyable.

After a course of our swimming lessons they are surprised at how much they have learned to feel at home in the sea or in the many rivers and lakes around the UK. It’s an incredible feeling to glide effortlessly through calm open waters or to confidently smash through choppy conditions.

When you swim in the pool you have the safety of the lanes and the wall at the end. In open water you get a massive boost when you don’t need that rest or push off to swim well, and it is an incredible feeling to be able to get into rhythm and ‘zone out’ in a nice stretch of open water.

Inquire about swimming coaching with NL Wellness now and see how we can help you develop your skills and discover what swimming is all about in the open water.

Month long Training Programmes

This is a very effective and affordable option for those who want to improve fast and want to ensure they’re doing everything properly or just need a motivation boost.

We will design an individually tailored 4 week swimming programme specific to your needs. After a skype, phone or face to face conversation we will be able to construct a bespoke programme providing the correct balance of technique and conditioning according to your goals. You will see a massive improvement in just 4 weeks by completing one of our plans.

Whether you want to learn to swim better for enjoyment or to improve sporting performance just one of these plans will bring you results.

Depending on your schedule and available time we can programme two to four 45-90 minute sessions a week to see your swimming develop and ensure you’re practising in the correct way, providing real value for money.

Based on the information you provide in your consultation you will receive a 4 week swimming programme that factors in your other training, swimming skill, fitness level, nutrition and time.

  • "I had always wanted to learn to swim well and I did not have the chance to learn when I was young. Nye is an excellent teacher and I can thoroughly recommend him. I have also been to his Exmouth beach circuits. I have enjoyed these to the point that I can scarcely believe that I am the person doing them!"
    - John, 63, Exeter
  • "Three years ago I was obese and lacked confidence. Thanks to the simple diet plan and exercise from Nye I shed nearly five stone, my confidence is at an all time high and I've completely changed my lifestyle. I'm more active and have been achieving periodic goals while following my plan. Thank you Nye!"
    - Tony, 25, Launceston
  • "As an ex sufferer of anorexia, I had difficulty going to a gym where I could be seen by other people. Nye was really supportive and helped ease me back into exercise with an eating programme to help me enjoy healthy food again without getting obsessive about calorie-counting. I can't recommend him enough!"
    - Hannah, 22, Exeter

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