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NL Wellness is a Specialist Coaching Company based in Exeter, Devon.

Swimming is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to stay fit and healthy for the rest of your life. It is also a crucial life skill to master. We operate around Exeter and the surrounding areas such as Exmouth and have even done work in Tiverton, Okehampton and Torquay.

If you want to become a stronger swimmer or use swimming as a means to lose weight then we will get you the results you want. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your improvements and if you have not improved by the end of your first course we will give you 100% of your money back (T&C’s apply.)

The Exeter based swimming coaching Team all have years of experience and will ensure that the correct technique is practised from the start. All have taught swimming with those with phobias of the water and those with various disabilities and can therefore calibrate their teaching style accordingly. They are extremely patient, empathetic and are very competent competitive swimmers themselves, so whatever your ability they have been there and can identify with your goals.

Whether you’re new to swimming or experienced, your ability will progress rapidly. Our swimming teachers have been swimming coaching from complete beginners in their first session in a pool to National and International standard Swimmers and Triathletes. There is no ability that we have not coached and therefore we are ideally suited to get your swimming exactly where you want it to be.

Understandably it can take time to gain trust with new swimmers and so there won’t be a change of teacher each week, instead our teachers will work hard with the same swimming student to form a good rapport. We will try and match the best teacher for each student but of course different people have different preferences so we understand if certain swim coaches are requested.

  • "I had always wanted to learn to swim well and I did not have the chance to learn when I was young. Nye is an excellent teacher and I can thoroughly recommend him. I have also been to his Exmouth beach circuits. I have enjoyed these to the point that I can scarcely believe that I am the person doing them!"
    - John, 63, Exeter
  • "Three years ago I was obese and lacked confidence. Thanks to the simple diet plan and exercise from Nye I shed nearly five stone, my confidence is at an all time high and I've completely changed my lifestyle. I'm more active and have been achieving periodic goals while following my plan. Thank you Nye!"
    - Tony, 25, Launceston
  • "As an ex sufferer of anorexia, I had difficulty going to a gym where I could be seen by other people. Nye was really supportive and helped ease me back into exercise with an eating programme to help me enjoy healthy food again without getting obsessive about calorie-counting. I can't recommend him enough!"
    - Hannah, 22, Exeter

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